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There Are Three Types Of Lazy Turntables
Apr 24, 2018

Manual table turntable: 

Relying on the hand to drive the turntable to rotate, the quick turn of the push is fast, the slowness of the push is slow, and the turn is slow. 

It is a widely used and inexpensive table turntable. It is also the most classic one. At present, most of the hotel restaurants are still in use. However, some restaurants have been upgrading and gradually replacing these products.

Electric table turntable: 

This type of turntable is mainly driven by electric power. The advantage is that it does not require human power to rotate. Most of them are one-piece structures, and they are expensive. If the motor is damaged, maintenance costs are relatively high because it cannot be disassembled and it is not easy to clean.

The electric table turntable is divided into three series: electric turntable, electric turntable and electric platform, both electric and manual. The electric turntable can be used for ordinary round tables as well as for small exhibits; the electric turntable can be used for large circular round tables as well as for large-scale exhibits. Electric platforms are used in industrial equipment that require slow rotation.  

Non-electric automatic table turntable: 

This kind of product is an alternative to the current better manual turntable, the price is more expensive than the normal manual dining table, but it is much cheaper than the electric turntable, and can be ordered separately from the table to facilitate the existing manual meal Taiwan's upgrade. 

Non-electric rotary dial, the main principle is similar to the Swiss mechanical watch design principles. Because it can be separated from the dining table, it is easy to clean.

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