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The Development Trend Of Furniture Hardware
Jul 12, 2018

In recent years , the furniture hardware industry has changed over the past , gradually entering the bottleneck period of development , which is closely related to the rising raw material price , the logistics cost and the manpower cost . In fact , since the domestic situation , the domestic furniture hardware industry in the eastern region has been formed in Sichuan .

According to the industry , the furniture hardware industry wants to seek breakthrough development , requires enterprises to comply with the market situation , can not only satisfy the batch production furniture products , but should pay attention to the original design of the product and create a unique process according to the consumer ' s individual needs , the international mould and the hardware plastic industry supplier association Secretary General Luo Baihui also said , China ' s furniture hardware market needs to be further strengthened , the transformation and upgrade is the key . The two years custom furniture is rising , personalized becomes the trend of development .

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