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Smart Furniture
Aug 03, 2018

After many years of conceptual hype, intelligent furniture has gradually displayed "spring meaning", capital concern, policy guidance and support, and the establishment of each major intelligent furniture start-up park has injected power into the development of this new thing.

Intelligent furniture product combination breaks the traditional furniture combination mode, fully exerts the user's subjective creativity, the shape size, the combination pattern is no longer the furniture manufacturer's decision. But the user according to the personal preferences and the actual situation of the home space, free combination and free collocation. 

Combining intelligence, electronic intelligence, mechanical intelligence and material intelligence into furniture products, making furniture intelligent, internationalized and fashionable, is the development trend and trend of furniture industry in the future, and deserves more attention of furniture enterprises. 

But the furniture enterprise also cannot blindly optimistic, the intelligent furniture product wants to be accepted completely by the ordinary consumer, still has some distance.


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