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Rotary Bearing Shaft Material
Apr 24, 2018

In general, 50Mn is used for turntable bearing rings, but 42CrMo is sometimes used to meet the requirements of special applications. Rolling body is generally selected GCr15SiMn. The types of retainers include integral, segmented, and isolated block types. Integral or segmented retainers use 20# steel or ZL102 cast aluminum alloys. The isolation block retainer uses polyamide 1010 resin, ZL102 cast aluminum alloy or QA110-3-1.5 aluminum bronze. Sealing ring material: oil-resistant rubber, fluorine-containing rubber, oil-resistant nitrile rubber.

Slewing bearing structure commonly used single row, double row four point contact ball slewing bearing, double row angular contact thrust ball slewing bearing, cross cylindrical roller and crossed tapered roller slewing bearing, three row cylindrical roller slewing bearing, ball Columns, such as hybrid turntable bearings, come in different configurations. The above-mentioned types of bearings are divided into different structures such as non-toothed, external-toothed, and internally-toothed, depending on whether or not they are provided with teeth and gears.

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