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Lazy susan bearing:in the new era, we are also facing new problems
Jun 28, 2018

On the basis of scientific and technological innovation and combined with the demand of high-tech products, the industry of general components including lazy susan bearing has been continuously developed and a number of high-tech achievements have emerged. In 2014-2017, the industry received seven national second class science and technology progress awards, represented by key technologies and industrialization projects for high-speed and heavy-duty gear drives. 

The key technology research and industrialization of marine high-end gear transmission system are represented by 20 scientific and technological progress awards of Chinese machinery industry. These major technological achievements fully reflect the increasing innovative R & D capability of the general machinery parts industry. 

But in the new era, we are also facing new problems, such as the challenges of intelligent manufacturing and green manufacturing; imperfect supply chains have led to substantial price increases in raw materials, and the quality and capacity of products have not kept up with each other; some of the key components for special, high-end products are matched. Such as bearings, electronic components, high-speed gearbox,heavy duty lazy susan, robot reducer and so on rely on imports and so on. To break this situation, in addition to increasing R & D by enterprises themselves, they also need to consider from the national strategic level, support and help train a number of outstanding enterprises, and gradually shorten the technological gap with foreign countries. In particular, we should strengthen efforts to encourage independent innovation and so on.

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