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Innovation Of Furniture Hardware Business Model
Jul 20, 2018

With the development and progress of China's industrial technology, furniture production has been developed from manual workshops to mechanized mass production. 

Hardware accessories have higher requirements for generality, interchangeability, function and decoration. The diversification of base material, structural reform and use function increase, the role of furniture hardware in furniture is no longer only It is the connection between the decoration and part of the active parts, and its function is more and more strong, and the areas involved are becoming more and more extensive. It is considered that it is particularly important for furniture manufacturing enterprises to improve production efficiency, reduce cost, improve product quality, enhance the competitiveness of domestic and foreign markets and increase the benefit.

From ordinary goods to custom goods, more close to customers, create value-added products and services.

In the furniture hardware industry, many furniture hardware manufacturers lack contact with their terminal customers and rely too much on retailers to obtain information on customer needs and expectations. Furniture hardware manufacturing must learn how to reach end customers, provide them with products and make sure they are profitable. This requires better marketing capabilities, better sales networks, lean production and flexible manufacturing capabilities, instant supply chain operations, supply chain management, innovative thinking and leadership, better education and training for employees, and so on. In short, it is a new business model.

In terms of manufacturing, factories must automate as much as possible in order to maximize productivity and improve productivity. As a result, new technologies and lean production may be needed to reduce costs; at the same time, greater investment will be made in the education and training of workers and in the development and research of new products, thereby developing workers with special skills and creating advanced products, Sell a good price. If we continue to produce products in the general commodity category and provide lower-level services, we will continue to lose the market and hand over to regions with a richer and cheaper workforce.

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