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How To Install The Furniture Turntable
Apr 25, 2018

First of all, a round dining table should be prepared. It is generally recommended that the dining table is over 1.8 meters long. A table that is too small does not require electric installation.

Prepare an electric rotary table, preferably 3.2 meters below the table to use the rechargeable Mao-hyun electric turntable to use the best, 3.2 meters above the use of plug-in high-power orbital electric turntable.

First place the electric turntable in the center of the table. Generally, the error is less than 1 cm. If the deviation is too large, the edge of the turntable will hit the cutlery.

Insert the charger on the charging hole of the electric turntable to charge the turntable. Generally, a good electric turntable can be used for one month if it is full.

Place the glass turntable and adjust the center electric position of the glass turntable so that the dining table, the electric turntable, and the glass turntable are concentric.

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