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Custom Furniture Is Popular
Jul 20, 2018

Once upon a time, the low-middle wage earners used to find craftsmen in their homes, with cheap prices. Now, the overall custom furniture trend also appears in the white-collar class, custom-made furniture personality, fashion, save time, labor-saving gradually conquered more consumer groups.

As furniture customization demands more and more , the market also has appeared a batch of special custom - made furniture enterprises , the good , top - solid and other large batch of cabinets and wardrobe enterprises have entered the custom - made furniture industry .

Custom-made furniture appeared in the domestic market in 2001. At present, the market share of custom-made furniture is about 10%. As a new thing, its development space is still very large. At present, it is more and more difficult for the finished furniture in the market to meet the needs of the modern people because of the style, size limitation and not easy to melt into the overall decoration style. While the overall furniture customization method solves these contradictions, it can make more reasonable use of space, pay attention to the environmental protection requirements of furniture, consumers are easier to grasp.

From the current market situation, furniture market does not have a special area for furniture customization, custom furniture market is still in a fragmented state of scale. Many small furniture factories provide customized services, mainly to change the size of furniture. And this also provides an excellent opportunity for more professional, more powerful furniture enterprises to enter.

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