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Cabinet Hardware Industry:Brand Power Is The Key
Aug 03, 2018

Intelligence is a major development trend of home hardware. " Along with automatic door, inductive switch, card lock and so on, began to enter the people's life, provided the necessary condition for the home intelligent development. "the lazy lifestyle that people now want requires hardware to become more human and intelligent." The hardware usage rate of Ambry reaches 35g, so the embodiment of this point also can be more obvious in Ambry industry.

Foreign high-end cabinet field has always been in the front-end of the industry. Its first electronic intelligence drawer has realized the simple design of the cupboard without the hand. The use of the new damping and slide rail has realized the strong load, no rebound, and no leakage of the drawers of the cabinet, and it has also extended the service life of the damping and slide rails. The cabinet hardware is gradually becoming intelligent.

In recent years, cabinet hardware industry after several twists and turns, many enterprises have begun to focus on brand promotion. "Brand force is sales force" view, cabinet hardware enterprises are slowly accepting, but to "truly become a brand that can affect the Chinese cabinet hardware industry still have a long way to go."

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