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Standard and technical specification for turntable of round table
Jul 24, 2018

There are two kinds of turntables on the round table, usually with glass turntable and wooden turntable. There are certain requirements when choosing the turntable. No matter in the family or in the hotel, the turntable can be referred to:

1.The height of the turntable: the height of the turntable is generally designed to be between 2 and 5 centimeters away from the table surface. Since the glass itself is relatively thin and is usually between 10 and 12 mm thick, this can be easily solved. If the wood turntable is generally thicker, some wood turntable thickness reaches 3 centimeters, obviously the height is too high, then we design a thin base to reduce the turntable height, the guest dining is more convenient and beautiful.

2.The thickness of glass: small table, usually refers to the table below 2 meters, using glass thickness of 10 millimeters enough to use more than 2 meters of glass can be 12 mm glass, the weight of the glass is too heavy, Tipping or cleaning is inconvenient.

3.the base of the turntable: according to the diameter of the glass of the turntable, the base of suitable size is arranged, the base is too large and the turntable is too small to shake easily. The common size is below 1. 2 meters glass with 38 centimeter base and 1. 5 meters glass with 48 centimeter base and 2. 0 meters glass with 60 centimeter base, bigger glass, and needs to increase some dishes to be more stable.

4. The distance between the table and the glass turntable: there is no uniform standard, The more appropriate distance is below 1.6 meters for each side of the table with 30 centimeters or less than 2 meters for each side of the table, 35 centimeters for each side of the table, and below 40 centimeters for each side of the table, less than 40 centimeters for each side of the table, and below 4 meters for each side of the table, with a stay of 50 centimeters on each side of the table.

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