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Smart Lock
Apr 25, 2018

Smart lock refers to a lock that is different from a traditional mechanical lock and is more intelligent in terms of user identification, security, and management, and an execution part of a door lock system.

The smart lock is different from the traditional mechanical lock and is a complex type lock with safety, convenience, and advanced technology.

Mature technologies that use non-mechanical keys as user IDs, such as:

Fingerprint lock, finger vein lock, iris recognition access control (biometrics, high security, no loss of damage; but inconvenient configuration, high cost)

Magnetic card, radio frequency card (non-contact type, high security, plastic material, easy to carry, low cost)

TM card (contact type, high safety, stainless steel, extremely easy to carry, low price)

More applications in the following places: banks, government departments (focus on safety), and hotels, school dormitories, residential communities (focus on convenient management)

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