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Causes of bearing failure
Jul 11, 2018

The reasons for the larger particles entering: the parts are not cleaned when installed, such as the metal scraps left in the connecting rod oil channel during the machining of the inner hole of the connecting rod bushing, the parts and the oil channels are stuck with cutting or silt, The machining burr flanging of the workpiece associated with the moving surface is not thoroughly cleaned before installation, and the foreign body or the surface of the shaft with larger particles adhered to the bearing bush is bruised. The damage caused by these phenomena to the bearing bush is very serious. So in maintenance and installation should be careful cleaning and inspection.

The lubricating effect and heat dissipation effect of the inferior lubricating oil can not meet the requirements, so that the wear of the bearing bush and shaft is aggravated, the alloy of the bearing is melted and damaged due to the excessive temperature of the moving surface, and at the same time, the impurity of the inferior lubricating oil more than the oil filter core is quickly blocked. The impurity lubricating oil enters the moving surface directly without filter, further accelerating the damage of shaft and bearing. Therefore, you must strictly control the quality of lubricating oil and select lubricating oil according to the regulations when purchasing and replacing lubricating oil.

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